Solomon: Post-SWC decay hurts UH's Big 12 chances


While UH basketball remains in run-down Hofheinz Pavilion, Tech plays in 12-year-old United Spirit Arena, a quality 15,000-seat facility. Is potential sufficient currency in today's unstable college athletics atmosphere? TV networks aren't cutting checks on spec. Last week at an on-campus fund-raiser, much of the talk around the poker tables was whether UH would receive an offer to join the Big 12 after A&M's departure. Indications are that the Big 12 will start at BYU, an independent in football, as a potential replacement for A&M. The conference would love to have Notre Dame, but the Fighting Irish have long had little interest in joining a conference in football. While it would be easier for Houston to increase its budget and get to that point competing in a league like the Big 12, it must remain committed to a facilities upgrade if that opportunity doesn't present itself this go-round. Not being in a BCS conference didn't stop TCU from building a strong enough football program to make it a wise invitee to the Big East and a lock for the inevitable superconference restructuring.


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